PLL offers a wide variety of workshops and conferences that focus on current research and instruction in literacy. 

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See below for our list of offerings:

Partnerships for Literacy and Learning

Vermont’s Early Literacy Assessment Summit

Presenters: Marjorie Y. Lipson, Ph.D. Sheila Valencia, Ph.D. Karen Wixson, Ph.D Date:  April 8, 2021 Location: online Time: 3:00 – 4:00 Cost: $10  With this panel of national experts we will explore critical issues surrounding the development of a comprehensive and balanced assessment system.  A comprehensive system contains within it all of the information needed for making

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The Many Faces of Literacy Instruction

A New Spring Course!  The Many Faces of Literacy Instruction course, taught by Ellen A. Thompson, will bring sensibility to all that is needed in our literacy instruction to encourage and produce readers who really are engaged in their reading.  As teachers we balance what is needed to make each learner successful.  Using the text, Distance Learning Playbook,

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Vocabulary Is Comprehension

Spring of 2021 – We are excited to offer Vocabulary is Comprehension, a course taught by Ellen A. Thompson, for teachers of students in grades 3-8! A student’s ability to read depends largely on the size and quality of his or her vocabulary. However, despite that fact, vocabulary instruction has not evolved to the same degree as

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“We-Do” Writing: Maximizing Practice to Develop Independent Writers

Presenter: Leah Mermelstein Dates: January 7, January 21, February 11, February 18, March 18, 2021 Location: ZOOM Time: 3:30pm-4:30pm Cost: $45/session or $200 for the series Teaching writing in K-4 just got simpler! Using her work from her upcoming new book, Leah Mermelstein will show us how to focus instruction on the skills that matter most, and

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Literacy Coaching in Our Current World

Presenters: Ellen A. Thompson & Gayle Moskowitz Dates: Feb 1, Mar 22, Apr 5, Apr 26 (3:30 – 4:45) Location: ONLINE – Zoom Cost: $200 Right now, schools are facing incredible challenges, especially when considering how we are tailoring our instruction to face-to-face, online, and hybrid models.  Individual teachers are working diligently within their systems to respond

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