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Recharging…rethinking my process for teaching literacy

Ellen A. Thompson, Ed. D., author November 14, 2022 I attend quite a bit of professional workshops and seminars on the topic of literacy instruction.  I read a lot, too.  By now, after 45 years in education I almost never am surprised, but I am constantly rethinking and considering all

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MTSS Implementation Consultation

MTSS Implementation Consultation Want to talk to someone about scaling up  Multi-tiered Support System (MTSS) implementation at your school or district?  Comprehensive MTSS implementation is essential but it also presents challenges that district’s often cannot solve on their own.  Both experience and research support the use of layered approaches to

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Teaching Readers

Ellen A. Thompson, Ed. D., author Sometimes when I read books on the teaching of reading, I miss the part where the actual reader comes into the process. Everything is “done” to them – not with them as individuals.  I think this matters. Each reader in our classroom comes to

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