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Inquiry, Investigations and Projects

Christine Hertz Hausman is a teacher, author, and consultant. In this video, she will explore ways that children can use cycles of inquiry and project based learning to follow their curiosity and explore, create, and learn. With strategies and tools that could be used for remote or in-person learning, this video will guide teachers in creating learning experiences that are engaging and responsive. (29 minutes)

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Home and School Collaboration In the Time of COVID 2020

Jim Calhoun, Ph.D school psychologist, speaks about how to support students and build collaborations with parents during these challenging times. He uses Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory to step us through this socio-historical time as it shapes education. “Play Personalities” as a way to find a way in with various students is also discussed. (19 minutes)

Writing About Reading - Ways We Respond to Text

Gayle Moskowitz is an elementary literacy coach, a literacy consultant with PLL, and has taught classes for UVM, Saint Michael’s College and Southern NH University. She helps us learn more about teaching our students to respond to text through writing. Are kids comprehending what they are reading? What kinds of thinking are students doing when they read? Gayle will help you find ways to answer these and more questions. (17 minutes)

From Freedom to Empowerment in Student Centered Learning

Alysia Backman and Emily Gilmore are both Vermont high school teachers who have worked together for 5 years. Alysia is a lecturer for pre-service, undergraduate teacher courses and Emily is a 2017 Rowland Fellow who studied Act 77, the Flexible Pathways Initiative. This video will help you be intentional and reflective when designing learning for all students. You will also become aware of how different lenses and frameworks impact students’ learning. Additionally, you will learn about a variety of tools to use to reflect on how to know if you are meeting the needs of all your students. (37 minutes)

Vocabulary Matters ... A Video For Teachers

Ellen Thompson, Ed.D, a well-known Vermont Literacy Consultant and National Board Certified teacher is with us to help us with this all important topic: Vocabulary Instruction Matters! What does the research say? What are some guiding principles for teaching vocabulary? Learn 5 instructional moves to use in a digital or traditional classroom environment. (29 minutes)