NEXIS: Coaching Forums – Developing Literacy Expertise in our Schools

NEXIS: Coaching Forums – Developing Literacy Expertise in our Schools

Dates and Times: 1:00 – 3:00 January 31, April 25 & May 16 1:00-3:00 pm – All Day session on: March 14, 8:30- 3:15 in person – location TBD
Cost: $625.00 for the series
Instructor:  Gayle Moskowitz
Intended Audience: Literacy Specialists, Literacy Coaches and Curriculum Coordinators

One of the most urgent priorities for Vermont is to close the achievement gaps for our neediest students while still propelling all students to learn as much as they can.  And to address that priority, we know that high quality literacy instruction matters: it is vital for our students to become efficient, engaged, and thoughtful readers and writers.  

Coaches play a vital role in schools and districts by supporting, in real time, high quality instruction.  But it’s not an easy job.  Working with teachers, providing resources, analyzing student data…these responsibilities and more fall on the coach. This NEXIS is designed to provide a community for coaches across the state to connect, problem solve, and design improvement processes and strategies to bring back to their schools.  Participants in this NEXIS will develop approaches that:

  • Address all students’ literacy learning needs (from high flyers to the most tangled readers).
  • Ensure equitable access to learning opportunities for all students.
  • Develop and support their faculty’s professional expertise in literacy instruction.


Using the Networking for Excellence in Schools (NEXIS) process, we will embark on an active journey to respond to these challenges in our schools. First, using our combined experiences, we will look at the issues we are facing across our varied educational environments.  Then using a problem solving stance, we will create the means to address these inequities of both teaching and learning.

  • Make the work problem-specific and user-centered.
  • Variation in performance is the core problem to address.
  • See the system that produces the current outcomes.
  • We cannot improve at scale what we cannot measure.
  • Anchor practice improvement in disciplined inquiry.  
  • Accelerate improvements through networked communities.

Our sessions together will be spent learning more about how to coach through our own work to solve our own identified areas of practice.  We will plan approaches, implement our designs and study the effectiveness of our results in real time.




Gayle Moskowitz, M.Ed, Literacy Consultant

Gayle has been an educator for 27 years. She started teaching second grade on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. There, she began her work collaborating closely with teachers. She was trained as a CLIP (Collaborative Literacy Intervention Program) Instructor through Arizona State University.  She traveled around the reservation training teachers.  In 1999, Gayle moved to Vermont and started her work as a literacy coach where she worked at Thatcher Brook Primary school for 17 years. In 2007, she expanded her work as a literacy consultant with Vermont Reads Institute, now Partnerships for Literacy and Learning. Gayle also joined Saint Michael’s College as an adjunct faculty in the graduate program in 2016. Gayle lives in Waterbury Center with her husband and has two young adult sons.  She loves being outside in the mountains!