Struggling Adolescent Readers (for Homeschooling)

Presenter: Lisa V. Driver  Ed.D.
Date:  January 14, 2021
Location: Online
Time: 3:00 – 3:45
Cost: $25

After you’ve viewed this video, (video link) join Lisa as she follows up her discussion on struggling adolescent readers.  Helping your adolescent reader at home can be a challenge!  Lisa will share strategies and tips to help motivate and engage your child.  We will review and explore these topics in relation to an adolescent reader: 

  • Characteristics of a struggling  adolescent reader
  • Reading environment/texts
  • Engagement and Motivation
  • Strategies, tips and nudges that help!

This is a follow-up to the video of the same name, it is an opportunity to talk with Lisa about the content of the video and to troubleshoot some of your questions on this important topic during homeschooling.




Lisa V. Driver, Ed.D., Literacy Consultant

Lisa has been an educator for over 35 years in Vermont schools as a middle school teacher, literacy coach, literacy interventionist, and literacy coordinator. In 1993 she was named a UVM Outstanding Teacher for the FWSU Supervisory Union. Lisa completed her doctoral studies in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Vermont in the spring of 2010. Over the course of her career, she has worked to develop high quality adolescent literacy instruction with a special emphasis on struggling readers and writers. She has a passion for providing literacy instruction to ALL students. Lisa is currently a literacy consultant for Partnerships in Literacy and Learning. She lives in Georgia, Vermont with her husband spending springtime making VT maple syrup!