Networks for Excellence in Schools: Intentional Teaching

Are you looking for ways to collaborate around increasing instructional impact during this pandemic?  Are you wondering how to effectively build and maximize your mtss framework in the upcoming school year?  If yes, join other teachers, coaches, and administrators as we gather to examine the issues we are facing and develop solutions tailored to our classrooms and schools. The power of participants’ experiences and knowledge will be leveraged to identify the most critical actions we can take for improvement. Together, we will engage in a process of discovery and problem solving to achieve the aim of addressing equity and access through intentional teaching and assessment.  Over the course of 6 sessions, we will identify a problem of practice, plan approaches and moves, implement and assess those moves, and finally, study the effectiveness of our efforts.  Specifically, we will:

  • Provide opportunities for schools and districts to research and engage with each other around common problems or challenges.
  • Establish intentionally designed networks that harness the expertise and experience of diverse participants and the field.
  • Guide a deep understanding of the problem, the system, and a shared working theory for improvement.
  • Accelerate the use of effective change ideas in varied contexts.
  • Build capacity for appropriate action and adaptation based on observed results.